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Community Help !

Our account has been banned by Capcom. VLeague can no longer be updated. We tried to talk to many Capcom twitter, but no one answered.
If you like V-League, help us by twetting to @Yoshi_OnoChin@CapcomFighters @Capcom_Unity @StreetFighter with #MakeVLeagueOfficial and @SFVLeague.

As an example, you can do it easily by clicking here.

Thank you ;)

When are the ranking and profiles updated ?

Everyday at 00:00 UTC.

How is the skill rating calculated ?

Skill is the average of League Points won by match.

What do you do with data permissions on google/facebook/twitter sign up ?

Nothing than store your email and your name. We use an opensource api called HybridAuth http://hybridauth.github.io/

Who is listed on the Ranked page ?

TOP 10000 players and added profiles.

Who have their profile tracked ?

TOP 50 players and added profiles.

How to add a profile ?

Sign Up, Connect and click on your name on the top right. You can add up to 3 profiles.

What matches are retrieved ?

Only ranked matches.
When you add your profile for the first time, only the last 100 matches are retrieved.
Your matches list is updated daily, if you play more than 100 matches in on day we retrieve only the last 100.

How to add a favorite player ?

Go on his profile page and click on the empty heart on the top right corner.

How to add video to my profile ?

You have two options do to this :
  • To display it on videos section : add SFV or SF5 and your Player Name to the youtube video title.
    • Example : Capcom Cup 2016 SFV - Kazunoko (Cammy) vs Phenom (Necalli)
    • This video will appear on Kazunoko and Phenom, profiles.
  • To display it on the matches list, as a replay : add SFV or SF5 and v-league.pro:REPLAY_ID to the youtube video title.
    • Example : SFV: Backlogathon (Ken) vs. ChitownBound (Boxer) v-league.pro:4AAD2F5DA
    • This video will appear on profiles that have replayId 4AAD2F5DA on their matches list.